August 2014 marked the birth of VOCO Singapore Ladies Choir, the country's first independent all-female choir. Founded by Darius Lim, the ensemble is dedicated to finding and spreading the essence of Singaporean and Asian Music and exploring new music of the world.


VOCO is the universal (Ido) language of the word 'Voice' and also stands for a Vocal Community (VO.CO) that is dedicated to spreading the historical and cultural diversity of Singapore- the Voices of Our Country's Origins (V.O.C.O).


The ensemble consists of both professional and student singers , musicians, teachers, as well as passionate amateurs who are eager discover new experiences through music-making and developing a deeper understanding of the nation's cultural heritage.


The first concert season saw the choir collaborating and sharing the stage with the renowned Philomela (Finland), winner of the 2014 World Choir Games (Ladies Chamber Choir). Other performance collborations include the University of London Chamber Choir and The Coronation Singers.

In August 2015 the choir gave their inaugural concert at the then newly refurbished Victoria Concert Hall. During that concert they presented the world premiere of Darius Lim's Concerto for Piano, Choir and Handbells that has since been performed by various ensembles and choirs around the world. 


In June 2016 the choir embarked on their first international European tour, where they travelled to give concerts in Amsterdam, Krakow, London (England), Great Rissitgton and Cardiff (Wales). During the tour, the choir also participated in the 2016 Cracovia Cantans International Choir Competition in Krakow, Poland and was awarded the 2nd Prize (no 1st prize awarded). In the United Kingdom, the choir shared the stage with the University of London Chamber Choir and their Director Dr. Colin Durrant to much acclaim.

VOCO Singapore Ladies Choir continues to reach out to the Singaporean and international audience by giving high quality and engaging concerts that hope to inspire, educate and touch lives.